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Instead of looking outward, look down to a basement addition for extra space.

When you love your home and love the area, you don’t want to move- even if you desperately need more space! For many of us, the memories made in a home and the area that you love are worth more than just the cost of a move. Instead of moving, people can choose to do a wide variety of additions. Here at Pegram Builders, we work with large remodeling tasks, renovations and additions every day. We understand the ins and outs of additions and would like to help you create the space you need to stay in the home you love. A basement addition is a great solution for many issues, and one that we would like to discuss with you.

Basement Addition in Asheville, North Carolina

When you add onto your basement, you are expanding your space in a useable way. Sometimes the main floor does not make sense to add on, especially if you will have to consider costly renovations in other areas of the home to accommodate an addition. A basement addition, on the other hand, can help to expand your space with some added flexibility. You can create another bedroom, bathroom, movie room, gym or any number of spaces in a basement with a basement addition, giving you the flexibility you crave and the space you require.

If you have been looking at contractors in the Asheville, North Carolina area, our team would love to assist you. To learn more about our experienced, knowledgeable, licensed and insured contractors or to get a quote on a basement addition, please give us a call today.