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We offer a wide variety of options for deck handrails to complete your project.

Deck Handrails in Asheville, North Carolina

For any project to be deemed a success, it often comes down to the finishing touches that take it from ordinary to extraordinary. At Pegram Builders, we love it when we are able to do that with a deck project by installing handrails that are both highly functional and exceptionally beautiful. While we have plenty of options in mind that will match any style of deck and home’s architecture, we’re always open to answering questions and discussing ideas you have in mind. Here are a few deck handrails to consider for your project.

  • Hog Wire Handrails- This style is growing rapidly in popularity as it is durable, affordable, and attractive. It provides a rustic appearance with its wooden frame and hog wire panel that doesn’t block views as much as other materials.
  • Vinyl Handrails- If you are interested in a crisp, modern appearance and a low-maintenance option, you will love the various styles of vinyl deck handrails that we can include in your decking project.
  • Aluminum Handrails– There are many different styles of aluminum handrails, ranging from simple, industrial styles to more ornate ones. Since aluminum is strong and durable, with no maintenance required, it could be the ideal option for your project.
  • Pressure Treated / Aluminum Mix Handrails– You don’t have to choose between the charm of wood and the benefits that aluminum has to offer, as we can blend the two for an artistic and functional option that you are sure to love. With pressure-treated wood for the top and bottom and aluminum in between, you get a contrasting look that is unique and beautiful.

Reach out to us today if you’d like to know more about deck handrails that will add value and enjoyment to your Asheville, North Carolina home.

FAQs About Handrails

Deck handrails are a crucial component of any outdoor deck, providing safety and aesthetics for the structure. Whether you want to build a new deck or update the one you already have, understanding why handrails are necessary is essential. Keep reading to learn answers to some of the most common questions about deck handrails, including choosing the best type for you.

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Why are deck handrails necessary?

Handrails give support and prevent you from falling off the deck, especially if it is elevated. Also, building codes typically mandate that decks over a certain height need handrails to comply with regulations.

What kinds of materials are used to make deck handrails?

Wood is a classic handrail choice because it looks natural and blends with the landscaping. However, we also offer aluminum, vinyl, and a mix of pressure treated and aluminum. Each material option provides durability. The one you choose depends on your home style and preference.

How do I pick the right style of handrail for my deck?

Choosing the right deck handrail style relies on what you like and how your deck is designed overall. Think about things like the architectural style of the deck and the surrounding landscape. We can create classic, modern, or rustic designs and more.

What kind of upkeep do deck handrails need?

Different materials have different maintenance needs. Wood handrails might need to be stained or sealed regularly to protect them from the weather, but metal and vinyl railings are usually low maintenance, only requiring soap and water to keep them clean. Our team can provide tips for maintenance to help you choose what type is best for you.

At Pegram Builders, we build deck handrails in Asheville, Candler, Canton, Clyde, Waynesville, Weaverville, Fletcher, Arden, Hendersonville, Mills River, Black Mountain, and surrounding areas in North Carolina.


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