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Hog wire handrails are an aesthetically appealing and low-maintenance style for your deck.

Hog wire handrails are an attractive option for your deck. You may not know what they look like, but if you were to see a picture, you would know exactly what type of decking style we’re referring to. It’s used a lot now in the place of several small posts. They are large panels used on the perimeter of the deck. Each panel consists of a wooden frame holding a lattice of square wiring in place.

Hog Wire Handrail in Asheville, North Carolina

Hog wire handrails create the illusion that the end of the deck and the yard meld together. You can see through the fencing, and your view is unimpaired. This style has a great custom feel. Hog wire handrails are easy on the budget, too. Usually when something looks custom and beautiful, you’ll spend a lot more money on it, but having hog wire handrails installed is not expensive. You’ll also spend less on regular maintenance than if you were constantly having to clean, sand, and stain tiny posts all around the perimeter of a deck.

At Pegram Builders, we provide services for installing hog wire handrails in Asheville, North Carolina. Whether you have an old deck that could use some updating or you’re just getting started on installing a deck, you should check out what hog wire handrail looks like on a finished deck. If you find this style appeals to you, you’ll also appreciate how much less work it is to keep your deck looking nice and new by having hog wire handrails installed.

At Pegram Builders, we install hog wire handrails in Asheville, Candler, Canton, Clyde, Waynesville, Weaverville, Fletcher, Arden, Hendersonville, Mills River, Black Mountain, and surrounding areas in North Carolina.