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When you live in a beautiful place, enjoying the outdoors is something that we all want to do a little more of! However, when you live in a beautiful place, it seems that the bugs and pests want to enjoy the outdoor space as well, often right around your face and neck while they bite you. Here at Pegram Builders, one of our favorite projects to do is to complete a screened porch for people who want to go outside without being eaten by pests. Avoiding pests is just one reason why people like you enjoy screened porches, but there are other reasons as well. Here are just a few of them:

1.  Clear sight lines. For busy parents, a screened porch is a great place to let youngsters play in the outdoors without worrying about them constantly. Screened porches allow parents of young children prepare dinner or make a phone call knowing that their child isn’t going to be bitten by tons of bugs or wander off and out of sight.

a screened porch is a great place to let youngsters play in the outdoors

2.  Breeze for nice days. When it is a nice day out, there’s something delightful about opening your doors to the screened porch and just enjoying the breeze of a spring or fall day. This can help to clear out the stuffy air of your interior and enjoy a nice, calming breeze from the outside.

3.  Enjoyable gathering place. Eating outdoors or playing a game on the porch is made possible with screened porches, making your screened porch another gathering place for family and friend time.

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