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When you have a pool, your house can be an instant place of relaxation and comfort! However, with scraggly, rough or unfinished patio or cement around your pool, the only thing that you are going to want around your pool is a large line of tape that leaves your pool off limits! If your pool deck leaves a lot to be desired, we here at Pegram Builders would like the chance to showcase the great things about your pool with a custom pool deck. How can you customize a pool deck? There are many different ways, but these are just a few of them:

1.  Materials- One of the nice things about a custom pool deck is that you can choose the materials that you would want your feet to touch upon entering or leaving your pool. This means that you can customize your pool deck materials to match your décor and your own personal preference.

create a custom pool deck

2.  Levels- If your pool is on different levels or you want a deck to surround an above-ground pool, a custom pool deck can do all those things that you will find necessary. Choose one level for entrance and then a separate level of your custom pool deck for relaxing or sunbathing. The choices are up to you.

3.  Features- The best part about designing a custom pool deck is choosing the features that will make your deck more enjoyable! This can be anything from custom handrails, lighting, built-in storage or seating — the sky is virtually the limit!

If you are looking to create a custom pool deck, be sure to talk to experts like ours at Pegram Builders before you get started to help speed along the process. Give us a call today to learn more!