Composite vs. Wood Decking: Which Is Right for You? [infographic]

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Decks are one of the most sought-after additions to a home, and it’s easy to see why. They offer an unobstructed view of the surrounding environment, a place to relax and entertain, and a distinctive design element that can elevate any home’s appearance. But it’s important to remember that the type of deck you choose will impact your experience. The two main types of decking are composite and wood. Let’s take a closer look at what makes them unique.

Composite vs. Wood Decking: Which Is Right for You?


  • Man-made material
  • Water-resistant
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Mimics the appearance of wood
  • Higher quality


  • Natural material
  • Can rot with excess moisture
  • Requires resealing every 1-3 years
  • Rich, warm look of real solid wood
  • Higher ROI

Composite and wood decking are both excellent options for homeowners. The choice just comes down to your priorities. Wood is cheaper and recoups a higher percentage of its value when you sell. Composite decking lasts longer and requires less of you in terms of upkeep.

Whichever option suits you best, you can enjoy a variety of color and design options and then make your deck your own by customizing its railing, adding extra features (like a hot tub), and decorating it how you see fit.

If you’re interested in a new composite or wood deck for your home, let us be the deck contractors you trust. We’ll have you partying, chatting, and relaxing with your loved ones on your deck in no time. Contact us today.