Five Reasons to Install Composite Decking

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If you are considering replacing an old deck or building a new one, then we highly recommend that you look into composite decking. Composite decking is both beautiful and functional. Many homeowners are turning to composite decking due to its many amazing benefits. Just a few of those benefits are:

  1. Maintenance – One of the great draws to composite decking is its low maintenance. You will not need to stain or paint it over time. Simply wash it down with a hose or power washer if it starts to look dirty.

Five Reasons to Install Composite Decking

  1. Durable – Composite decking is incredibly strong and stands up to the wear and tear it will experience over the years. No need to worry about your pets, kids, or furniture damaging your new decking– it will remain looking beautiful for many, many years.
  2. Safety – Other deck types start to break down after just a few years of use. It is not uncommon for those decks to start to splinter off. You won’t have this problem with composite decking! You won’t need to worry about your bare feet or your kids’ feet getting a splinter due to a weakening deck.
  3. Options – Composite decking comes in a wide variety of finishes and colors. And the beautiful thing about this type of decking is that the color will remain without needing new paint or stain.
  4. Environmentally Friendly – Composite decking is not made from cut-down trees. It is usually made from recycled materials.

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