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If you have a deck that you enjoy during the four seasons in the mountains, then there is an important safety feature that you’ll want to incorporate if you haven’t already: deck lighting. While there are all kinds of deck lighting choices on the market, some more simple than others, there are a few trending options that may help you better create the outdoor deck you love.

  • Motion Lights – One of the worst things is stepping out onto a dark deck area wishing that there was a light. With motion sensors, you can always have the lighting you need to safely travel in and out of doors. Motion lights are fairly easy to install and can be incorporated in your preferred areas.

Deck Lighting

  • Deck Rail Lighting – Whether you love sconces for a specific outdoor feel or prefer rope lighting to provide guidance down the handrail, deck rail lighting is ideal when you want to spend time outside. This type of lighting creates the perfect ambiance in your outdoor living space.
  • Waterproof Lighting – Even though living in the mountains has its perks, there is still the frequent rainstorm that can send everyone inside. With waterproof lighting, you will know your deck lighting can handle the wet weather until the rain clears. Waterproof lighting is also ideal for pool decks where splashing is expected.
  • Rope Lights – Rope lights are a great option for deck lighting that can bring guests outdoors, create a twinkling outdoor environment, and encourage fun and relaxation all at the same time. Paired with other outdoor decorative features, rope lights never go out of style.

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