Garages Galore: Top Garage Customization Ideas

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Your garage has the potential to be much more than a place to park the car and store tools. Today’s homeowners are customizing garages to become versatile extensions of their homes, specifically designed to not only enhance functionality, but also add personality and style.

Garages Galore: Top Garage Customization Ideas

Here are some of our favorite creative garage customization ideas:

  • Storage Solutions: Whether you are storing boxes, tools, athletic gear, or other things, there is a customizable storage solution to aesthetically and successfully store your items. Be specific about what you plan to store and then design a space where every item has a place. Examples of storage solutions include slat walls, mounted overhead racks, labeled bins stacked on an industrial-strength rack, lockers, cubbies, pegboards, cabinets, work benches and more.
  • Health and Wellness Space: Garages are the perfect space to convert into your personal health and wellness oasis. This can include installation of a home gym, complete with rubber flooring, mirrored walls, workout equipment, a cold plunge tub, and even a sauna.
  • Entertainment Hub: Whether you term it a “man cave” or a “she shed”, garages make great spaces that can be customized to accommodate a specific hobby, a game room, or a home theater. Imagine the family movie nights, weekend game marathons, or hours spent on your favorite hobby in the garage of your dreams.

A garage makes a fantastic blank canvas that can be transformed into a space that suits your lifestyle and interests. No matter your customization ideas, let our team at Pegram Builders help you create the perfect garage for you.