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Garages: Tips for Keeping Them Organized

Have you considered adding a garage to your home? Our garages are designed to keep our vehicles away from adverse weather or other harm. They also offer the added benefit of a place to store things such as bikes, tools, and lawnmowers. However, garages can often become a catch-all space where yard tools, holiday decorations, sports equipment and more seem to get mixed into a mound of confusion where it’s hard to find anything. This doesn’t need to be the case. There are many ways you can organize your garage to store all of your equipment and still have room for your vehicles. Here are a few tips:

  1. Create a layout – Some people like to create zones in their garages where each of the different storage items have a spot: a separate space for yard equipment, tools, camping gear, holiday decorations.
  2. Add shelving or cupboards – Just like your kitchen, your garage can benefit from having plenty of built-in storage space.
  3. Overhead racks – Take advantage of the space above your cars by adding overhead bins. This is a great place to keep items that you don’t need to access often.
  4. Small tool bins and drawers – Keep little items from getting scattered with small drawers.
  5. Label – Large storage tubs and little drawers alike are easiest to find and keep organized when given clear, easy-to-read labels.

Here at Pegram Builders, we are here to help you build a beautiful garage that can store your vehicles and other equipment and even add value to your home. We can work with you to make sure your garage suits all of your needs. With our honest, reliable and timely service and excellent craftsmanship, we know you’ll be more than satisfied when you work with us. Give us a call today.