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The term “custom” is often synonymous with “expensive” or “out of my budget,” but the truth is that while customization can be expensive in some cases, it doesn’t always mean that it will bust your budget. Trying to work prefabricated designs into your particular space can be difficult and frustrating. A custom space can be freeing and beneficial in the long term since it can better meet your needs. If you’re designing a pool deck, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when working on the design.

How to Design a Custom Pool Deck

First, be honest about your lifestyle and design your custom pool deck to match. Are you really going to be able to use that pool every other night or will you only be able to use it once a month? Think about how much time you truly want to devote to maintaining the space and customize the materials to match. There are many low-maintenance options out there that look great while allowing you to spend your free time elsewhere.

Second, consider your safety needs. Do you have small children? What about pets? Is your house the neighborhood gathering place? Safety features such as lights, non-skid materials, and handrails can be beautifully incorporated into the custom pool deck design while keeping your family safe.

Lastly, make sure to incorporate enough space into your custom pool deck. While your family of four might fit comfortably in your design, if your pool is larger, you might want to add more space for when you entertain or if your children want to have friends over for a pool party. A properly-sized custom pool deck can keep the guests where they should be.

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