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There are few things that can beat the relaxing atmosphere of sitting outside on a warm evening enjoying your deck and the view that it provides. When you design your own deck or even have professional assistance with the design, it can be hard to see it as well as you can see it in your mind. While the color, shape, or uses for your deck might be obvious and easy to design, there’s one thing that many people forget or look past when designing their deck — deck lighting.

Is Deck Lighting Part of Your Deck Design? Here's Why it Should Be

While it’s a seemingly small design element, deck lighting really should be considered in every deck design, large or small. Because deck lighting can enable you to use your deck past dark, you are able to quickly and seamlessly double your usage of the space. No longer will you have to move the party indoors once it gets dark. Relying on lamps or tiki torches might work for a while, but an easier option would be to have the lights integrated into your deck design.

In addition to longer social gatherings, you’ll also enjoy your deck lighting for its safety purposes. If you have stairs, landings, levels, water features, or other custom elements on your deck that could be tripped over, deck lighting is a must to keep household pets and human occupants safe.

If you would like to find out more about deck lighting options that will work for your deck, Pegram Builders can help! We make all kinds of deck lighting designs come to fruition and would love to show you the options available to you. Give us a call today.