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It could be argued that one of the most annoying exterior problems on a home is decking that doesn’t offer the outdoor space that it should. Whether it’s an eyesore or there is a safety concern, the real question becomes whether it’s time for decking replacement, or if a simple repair will do the trick. There are some important signs that decking replacement might be in your best interest:

  • Breaks & Bowing– If you have decking that is broken, chipped, or bowing, then it’s likely time for replacement. This is especially true if stressed areas have begun to travel from one section to another, or places that you’ve had repaired before continue to cause problems.

Decking Replacement

  • Previous Repair – Once your decking has been repaired a time or two, there is every chance that it will continue to cause problems over time. Old repairs can break open again, and further damage can occur to other areas of your deck.
  • Inconvenience – Do you hate the way your deck is situated, or do the stairs come out at an odd place? Decking replacement is a great choice when you want to make alterations to your deck so that it better meets your needs.

There are many excellent choices in deck design, but the most important thing is to notice when repairs and inconvenient construction create more of a hassle than a solution for your home.

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