Reasons to Replace Your Decking [Infographic]

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There are several upgrades you can make to your Asheville, North Carolina home that can provide multiple benefits. Installing or replacing your decking ranks high on the list because of the value this project adds to your home and your family’s enjoyment. At Pegram Builders, we are a full-service deck contractor, so we offer deck installation, deck repairs, deck renovations, and deck replacement services. There are several reasons why you should consider replacing older decking.

Reasons to Replace Your Decking [Infographic]

  • Safety- If you have deck boards that are rotting, there is the potential for them to fail under the weight of a person or anything else you have on your deck. The entire deck could also collapse if the supports fail.
  • Beauty- Decking doesn’t always continue to look nice so it may be time to replace your deck to get a new, updated look.
  • Expand- If your deck is too small for your needs, we can take it down and replace it with a larger one. If it is in good condition, we may be able to increase its size retaining what is already there.
  • Upgrade decking- If you have a wood deck, you might want to replace it with a composite option to gain the benefits involved.
  • Add features- A deck replacement can include more features than you currently have, such as deck lighting and upgraded deck handrails.
  • Improved location- If you do not like where your current deck is, we can tear it out and build a new deck where you’d prefer it to be.