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Garages were meant to be the ultimate in parking protection — your own safe haven for your vehicle right next to your home! Unfortunately, it never takes very long for certain areas, garages especially, to become a haven of clutter that you aren’t sure what to do with. If you would like to get back to parking in your garage rather than leaving your car in the driveway, we here at Pegram Builders have a few common garage clutter culprits that you can go ahead and get rid of today.

Garages were meant to be the ultimate in parking protection

  • Paint- One of the most common items you will find in a garage by far is old cans of paint. Whether you are waiting for a “just in case” instance where you’ll need to touch up your paint or you are courteously thinking that the next owner will want the leftover paint, you are probably wrong in both cases! Paint colors can fade and change and new homeowners almost always repaint, making both of these uses for your old paint cans null and void.
  • Broken Items- If you haven’t touched that pile of broken appliances, furniture or other things that need fixing, go ahead and trash them or donate them to someone who has the time to put in the effort. If it is really worth fixing, then you would have found the time to do it!
  • Kid Items- Children are notorious for attracting toys and items, often more than they need. Whether it is a bike they no longer fit, the soccer nets they no longer have interest in or that battery-operated toy they can’t ride on anymore, donate these items today.