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It seems these days we are all looking for a magical fix for all the health problems that our country faces. We look to supplements, medications, diets, exercise plans, or that we can think of to make our mostly sedentary lives a little less so. What if we told you that the answer to an improved mood and maybe a little more energy was right outside your door? Seems simple, right? Turns out that having a deck can help boost your health in a few different ways, including:

Three Ways Decks Can Boost Your Health

  1. Get more Vitamin D: Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin to your overall health. It helps build and repair many major systems, and while you can get Vitamin D in the form of a supplement, the easiest and most effective version actually comes from spending just a few minutes in the sun. Decks help you get the most out of your outdoor time!
  2. Provides screen-free family time: Benefits of family dinners and outdoor play are well-studied and reported. Decks provide a comfortable gathering place for your family or friends to sit, enjoy the outdoors, and have some meaningful conversations.
  3. Encourages different foods. Most of us love the smell of a BBQ grill in the summer. With a deck and a grill, the food possibilities are virtually endless! Everything tastes better after it’s been grilled, including those pesky veggies that we all know we should eat more of. Well-designed decks can enable us to spend more time cooking different foods and learning to enjoy our food, rather than swinging through the drive-thru every other night.

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