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A deck is a great place for most homes. Not only does a deck look great, but it can also expand your living space while increasing the value of your home. If you have thought about adding a deck to your home or renovating the one you have, composite decking needs to be on your list of possible choices! There are loads of benefits to choosing to do your deck in composite decking, including:

Why You Need Composite Decking in Your Life

  • Durability: Your deck will be constantly battling the elements. Water, rain, and bright sunny days are all things that your deck needs to withstand in order to stay looking great. Composite decking doesn’t rely on different stains or varnishes to protect it from the elements, but rather has these protective materials built right in.
  • Versatility: While there are many different stains and colors available, many people feel hesitant to use wood decking in certain places in their yard. Composite decking offers a virtually endless array of colors and designs while also enabling you to put your decking anywhere in your yard without worry about warping or fading.
  • Maintainability: One of the best features of composite decking is that you don’t have to worry about staining and treating your decking in order to keep it looking great. Regular sweeping and cleaning is all you need to do to maintain your composite decking!

If you’d like to learn more about composite decking and how it can be seamlessly and affordably incorporated into your lifestyle and home design, we want to help!  Give Pegram Builders a call today and let us know what we can do for your deck design with composite decking.