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We have said it before here at Pegram Builders and we will say it again — a deck is a great investment for any home! Because a deck is an addition that almost always pays for itself upon resale of the house, many people enjoy putting in decks for their outdoor enjoyment as well as for investment options. If you have a deck for your home, you might want to consider some other features as well such as handrails, seating, custom features and especially deck lighting!

Deck lighting is a wonderful choice for most any deck

Deck lighting is a wonderful choice for most any deck because it makes your deck more useable. When you can see what you are doing on your deck surface, you don’t have to worry about tripping over a toy someone forgot to put away or burning the BBQ chicken that you have on the grill simply because of less-than-optimal light.

In addition to making decking more usable, your deck lighting makes your deck a safer place to enjoy all year long. No longer restrained to the lit areas that your porch lights offer; deck lighting makes all spaces on your deck visible. This is great for all members of the family, from the very smallest up to the adults and pets who need proper lighting in order to see all areas of the deck.

There are many types and options out there when it comes to deck lighting, many of them compatible with bug zappers or other pesky pest deterrents that would otherwise be attracted to your deck lights. To learn more about deck lighting for your deck, please come and see us at Pegram Builders today.